Utility Environmental Risk Analytics

Combining geospatial and weather data to predict risk along utility right-of-ways

Keeping customers' lights on and work crews safe during a storm are an electric utility’s top priorities. MDA’s Grid Risk Information Desk (GRID) correlates weather and geospatial data to help utilities predict areas of risk and mitigate power outages. Armed with greater knowledge of the environmental elements that pose a potential threat to power lines, utilities are able to anticipate and prepare for storms as well as identify hardest hit areas faster. The result is better pre/post storm resource planning, reduced system outages, faster restoration time and improved grid reliability.

MDA’s expertise includes:

  • Geospatial visualization of landscape within a utility’s service area
  • Dynamic data such as near-time and real-time weather forecasts, soil moisture and ice forecasts
  • Environmental data such as tree canopy, forest type, terrain, population density, detailed street data, and state and county boundaries
  • Correlation of developing environmental conditions with asset data to predict and model areas of increased risk
  • Analysis and analytical tools to help understand potential impact 

MDA provides a range of products and customized solutions:

  • A series of subscription information products specific to the needs of our customers in the power utility and oil and gas industries
  • On-demand data feeds via API
  • Customized cloud-based applications to run analytics specific to your requirements
  • Collaboration through all phases of algorithm development, product prototyping and testing, solution building and hosting 

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