MARI™ - Multi-Source Analyst Ready Information

MARI™ delivers analyst-ready information

MARI™ (Multi-Source Analyst-Ready Information) provides a revolutionary approach to increase productivity at strategic and operational levels. MARI™ wades through billions of open-source data--including commercial imagery, news feeds, social media, Internet of Things and weather. MARI™ aggregates, correlates and qualifies the open source data pinpointing potential areas of interest for further scrutiny. Whether it is foreign military build-up, observable in commercial imagery and social media, or a humanitarian crisis flagged by weather data and corroborated in local media, MARI™'s broad area search capability unveils what analysts might be missing and identifies issues before they are observed through traditional methods and approaches, reducing your risk of strategic surprise.

MARI™ is a customized service providing coverage for broad area search. It can also be tailored to focus on specific issues/threats like military bases, airfields and border crossings.

Get the MARI™ advantage

  • Increase efficiency for optimal analytic output
  • Expand broad area search capabilities
  • Increase early warning and detection
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and drive anticipatory collection strategies
  • Customized profiles to meet your requirements

MARI™’s subscription model enables quick access with minimal investment

A  MARI™ subscription offers immediate access to correlated information based on a defined user profile with the flexibility and agility to tailor the service at any time. The MARI team is comprised of skilled professionals ready to support your mission needs anytime and anyplace, 24/7.