Satellite Mission Ground Systems

Directly downlink data

From mobile platforms for the defense industry to fixed ground stations for commercial clients, the world is growing increasingly reliant upon information delivered from space to meet the demands for information and security. MDA’s satellite ground systems provide operational, multi-mission support for Electro-Optical (EO), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and/or Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensors to increase your telemetry and earth observation capabilities with improved responsiveness. By incorporating standard components and utilizing state of the art design and implementation techniques, MDA provides world class solutions at very attractive cost points and rapid delivery schedules for current and future missions.

Take advantage of our customized, turnkey solutions

From satellite ground station installation, to data acquisition, cataloging, and archiving through operations support and sustainment, MDA offers a full range of products and services to provide you the optimal and most cost effective solutions. Our turnkey solutions include systems installation, training, 24/7 help, and on-going support.

MDA’s complete satellite mission ground system solutions include:

  • Mission control and management
  • Collection planning/satellite testing
  • Data acquisition, cataloging, archiving, product generation and dissemination
  • Standard and value added processing providing tailored product offerings to align to customer and business needs from single image order through to complex multi-image mosaics
  • Large order volume support with varying processing parameters simultaneously within a single processing system
  • Industry compliant and government certified products: NITF 2.0, NITF 2.1 or NITF 2.1 NCDRD, SICD or GeoTIFF

End-to-end system capabilities 

MDA provides end-to-end system capabilities from order entry and order management to product creation and dissemination.


With more than 50 installations in over 25 different countries, supporting acquisition and processing of data from
over 20 satellites, MDA has the experience to ensure that the solution we provide meets your operational needs.

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