Wednesday, 11 January, 2017

High Pressure Block Locking In Cold Temperatures for Germany Next Week

The coldest week in several years is anticipated for Germany, as an eastern Atlantic high pressure “omega block” locks in temperatures of 3°C to 10°C below normal for this time of year from Monday, 16 January through Friday, 20 January. This brings a country-wide population weighted Heating Degree Day (HDD) level for that period that is the highest since February 2012. At minimum, temperatures are forecast to fall between -10°C and -5°C across northern parts of the country, while the higher elevations in the southern half range from 
-15°C to -10°C. These minimums are not dissimilar from levels seen earlier this month, but the upcoming event is of longer duration as below normal temperatures persist through the 11-15 day period.
“A strong high pressure omega block will lock in very cold temperatures in Germany in the upcoming week,” says Rebecca Fuller, Meteorologist at MDA Weather Services. She adds, “…this is a setup which can last far longer than models project; but regardless of a weakening in the block after next week, a weakened polar vortex is likely to keep the cold air transport into Europe through at least the 11-15 day period.”

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