Transportable Satellite Ground Terminals - TANGO™

Turn to MDA for transportable satellite ground terminals for cost-effective, in-theater access to the world’s most capable, commercial EO, SAR and LIDAR satellites

In remote locations or operations with low bandwidth and sparse communication links, TANGO™ can support in-theatre access to both space-based and air-borne sensors. The extensible architecture of TANGO™ enables full end-to-end tasking, collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination (TCPED) capabilities for the in-theatre warfighter or commercial operator. 

Access to satellite intelligence where you need it. TANGO™  is a uniquely compact and rapidly deployable, fully functioning satellite collection and receiving system that supports any single or combination of commercial electro optical (EO), synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and/or light detection and ranging (LIDAR) satellites. Capable of supporting both commercial and government assets, the TANGO™ platform provides flexibility that no other transportable ground system can provide due to the unique small size and configurability.

Access to satellite intelligence when you need it. TANGO™ significantly reduces the cycle between imaging and dissemination by enabling direct access to space-based commercial satellite imagery, putting relevant near real-time intelligence into the hands of operational decision makers when needed. From acquisition and exploitation to dissemination in under 15 minutes.

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