Energy Forecast Reports

Use MDA’s energy forecast reports to guide your understanding of the weather’s impact on the oil and gas industry

Weather events present both risks and opportunities for those with interests in the energy sector, from meteorologists to oil and gas companies to commodity traders. MDA’s energy forecast reports offer complete analysis of the day's weather forecast situation to promote well-informed decision making.

MDA’s energy forecast reports combine weather maps, objective forecast charts, and text discussion to offer an overall picture to oil and gas clients so they can better:

  • Avoid downtime due to inclement weather
  • Prepare for crew safety
  • Reduce the risk of environmental disasters
  • Assess product demand for improved resource planning, risk management and demand assessment

Visit MDA’s interactive Weather Desk™

Maximize productivity and minimize risks associated with weather by utilizing information housed within MDA’s interactive Weather Desk™ such as:

  • Morning Report: flagship product highlighting MDA’s 1-15 day
    forecast outlook with risks and discussions
  • Noon Update
  • Gas Weather Outlook
  • Western Utilicast
  • Sunday Update
  • Tropical Package
  • 16-20 Day Report
  • Longview

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